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Appalachian Trail, Hiking / 12.10.2017

The sun came out. Only 12 miles today, but they were tough. Hiked from Thistle Rock Shelter to Winturi Shelter. After 2 strenuous days, the sore muscles showed up on this shorter day. I also started getting blisters from the wet socks and steep descents. We are at Winturi Shelter. Piper showed up. Later after dark Shaker rolled in followed by Beast about 10 minutes later. Sheffield and I are tenting, rather I am tarping. A limb fell nearby last night. With better weather hopefully the limbs will stay on the trees tonight. Another salamander today. Winturi Shelter - I tarped outside the shelter.
Appalachian Trail, Hiking / 10.10.2017

We woke up to rain and packed quickly to hike into Hanover for breakfast and resupply. It was a wet 16 mile day from Velvet Rocks Shelter to Thistle Rock. Stopped  at Happy Hill Shelter for lunch where we met Beast, Shaker, and Woods Strider. Beast and Shaker were were with us for the night at Thistle Rock Shelter. Not much to report. Tough day. Sleeping in shelter tonight in order to dry out. Here is another salamander. They must love the rain. The trail leaves New Hampshire and enters Vermont on...

Appalachian Trail, Hiking / 09.10.2017

It was warm and humid and my shirt was soaked in sweat by the time I topped out on the first climb of 1200 ft. We had a few periods of rain. The trail became mostly easy but I was still worn out by the time I covered 15 miles. Here is where we ate lunch. Moose Mountain Shelter. We topped off water here but we were running low by the time we reached Ledyard spring, near Velvet Rock Shelter. Here is spring and sign. This salamander came out at night....

Appalachian Trail, Hiking / 08.10.2017

Our first day was a tough one. Not really. We covered 0.8 miles of the AT from Dorchester road to Trapper John Shelter. Our enthusiastic shuttle driver, Chis the geologist quickly filled us in on the 100 million year history of the area. The rain had stopped. Sheffy and I made our way uphill. I organized my cluttered pack, we set up tents, and were glad we did when we saw a bold shelter mouse. After dinner of red beans, rice, tofurkey sausage, and mashed potatoes, all mixed...