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Appalachian Trail, Featured Articles, Hiking / 14.10.2017

Finally we have a cool clear dry morning . We hike 10 miles from Mountain Meadows Lodge to Cooper Lodge, but first a breakfast of 4 sausage egg cheese rolls, juice, and coffee. We climbed today to over 4000 feet where we tarped near the top of Stratton Bald. As I lay in my warm sleeping bag, a cold wind blows up the mountain and under my tarp. The best part of the day was hiking a mile of high ridge with dense firs that blocked the sun from...

Featured Articles, Hiking, Pacific Crest Trail, Western US, Yosemite / 16.02.2013

There were more bear and bear cubs than I bargained for during a week hiking thru Yosemite Wilderness North Country in September. On the 2nd day, I had the panic of running up on a couple of bear cubs and wondering whether I might be between an unseen mother bear and her cubs. On the final day, I was resting on the trail side when a mother bear and cub passed within feet of me totally unaware of my presence. Read on for more on these and my...