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Articles, Going Solo / 01.05.2017

When hiking solo, you don't have the option of leaving one car at the destination trailhead. The easiest solution is to choose a loop hike or at least a loop that leaves you minimizing the trail distance you have to retrace. Look for "near loops" where you might be able to add a short road walk to complete the loop. Even better, use a bicycle for the road portion of the trip. I've often used a bicycle to complete a loop.  I have ridden on paved and unpaved roads....

Articles, Going Solo / 01.05.2017

One of the most amusing activities of backpacking is watching while someone else tries to throw a bear bag line. This usually starts with finding a likely branch, then looking for a stick or rock to tie to the end of a rope. Given how many rocks you wear your feet out on while hiking, it's amazing how you can't find a rock when you really want one.   Easy Way to Hang a Bear Line The real fun starts as the hiker begins throwing. Over and over again. Typically the...