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Colorado, Hiking, Western US / 26.07.2016

July 23 - 24, 2016 Mt. Holy Cross is one of 55 mountains over 14,000 feet elevation in Colorado. At 14,005 feet it ranks 53rd. To plan your trip I recommend using . That site can provide better info than l can. I do recommend camping for most people because this would be a tough out and back in a day. I saw several single day hikers not yet finished at 6 pm and 7 pm and they had been hiking more or less constantly from 6 am.  They...

Hiking, Shining Rock Wilderness, Southeast / 26.09.2011

Sept 23, 2011 Slept in the back of the van last night at the parking for the trailhead for Old Butt Knob trail. Rained all night. In the morning I cooked breakfast in the rain, but the rain cleared before I started hiking. Old Butt Knob trail is not as tough as Green Mountain trail, but it does have some very steep sections along a narrow rocky ridge. The sky became absolutely clear blue with a few clouds blanketing some lower mountains and valleys. Just as quickly the clouds moved...