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Mt. Holy Cross Ascent

July 23 – 24, 2016

Mt. Holy Cross is one of 55 mountains over 14,000 feet elevation in Colorado. At 14,005 feet it ranks 53rd. To plan your trip I recommend using . That site can provide better info than l can.

I do recommend camping for most people because this would be a tough out and back in a day. I saw several single day hikers not yet finished at 6 pm and 7 pm and they had been hiking more or less constantly from 6 am.  They had that dead look in their eyes. On the other hand, there was a guy who started at the parking lot at 3:30 AM and reached the summit before me. I reached the summit at 8 AM after a 2.5 hour climb.

There are 10 designated camping sites near a stream. You can double up on sites. I had no problem squeezing in my small tarp tent in site 10 that already had 2 groups of campers. There were swarms of mosquitoes. With no tent and no bug repellent, I put on my rain suit and tightened up the hood and waited out the mosquitoes. Fortunately, I hiked in late the first day and only had 2 hours of sunlight left after arriving in camp.

Also, start before sunrise to avoid dangerous storms. I started the ascent from the camp area at 5:30 AM. I was the 4th person to summit that day. There were probably somewhere around a hundred people attempting a summit that day.

Sign at trail head. There is a long 8.5 mile drive on unpaved road.


Columbine. The trail to Mt. Holy Cross has beautiful wildflowers, streams, and views of waterfalls. It would be a nice hike without doing the summit.



Early morning view before completely leaving trees.

Trail follows ridge line. Stay just to right of cairns and near ridge line all the way to the shoulder of the mountain.

I am on the summit!

I love taking photographs of the cairns.



View of Holy Cross from near Half Moon Pass

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