The PCT Thru-hiker Strategy Guide - Uphillhike
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The PCT Thru-hiker Strategy Guide

This book is first and foremost a strategy guide, but it is also filled with fun stories and interesting examples along with some offbeat PCT traditions. You will learn how much thru-hiking the PCT today differs from ten years ago and how those differences demand new hiking strategies.  For example, today’s PCT thru-hiking strategies need to take into account not only the Sierra snowpack but also the timing of wildfire season. The increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather as the result of the growing effects of climate change demand a well thought out and sound thru-hiking strategy. Anything less means that factors outside your control could stop your hike cold. 

Beyond strategy, you will benefit from advice on nearly every aspect of hiking the PCT.  Understand how to plan for a non-continuous Southern Sierra hike under new terms established for the 2020 PCT Long Distance permit. Find the best online resources.   Learn the importance of gear selection and resupply strategy in minimizing weight.  Find advice on water carry and hydration. Learn about hiking the Sierra in the snow, including specific advice for each of the early creek crossings and for each of the 7 major Sierra passes. Understand  “motivators” that PCT thru-hikers use to take care of the “mental” self as well as your “physical” self. I’ll give you many of my personal backpacking “tricks” and “lessons learned”. After reading this book, you will be equipped with the information and understanding needed to make the best practical and strategic decisions for completing today’s PCT thru-hike.