Day 146 - Savoring journey’s end - Uphillhike
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Day 146 – Savoring journey’s end

At mile 1087.3. Hiked 21.6 miles today.

Today was my last full day of hiking so I took another PCT’ers advice to savor it. 

The day was cool and breezy without the strong gusts of the last two days and the trail continued to be easy on the feet. Nice for the countdown to the end.

Captain Travis on leave is hiking on the PCT in photo below.

The the trail passed through fields of golden grass.The 

And reds.

Here is a lake that I think might be Blue Lake.

About a mile before Carson Pass, I stopped at Frog Lake for lunch. Here is my lunch spot.


I sat in a log and dangled my feet in this marshy Pond. I relaxed here a long time, watching a giant dragon fly struggle in the water, I watched a bird that called out at me with fury. It must be protecting young. Soon I heard cheeps of fledglings, but could not find the well hidden nest in overgrowth on the edge of the pond. Here is my pond resting spot.

Here is shower lake. I saw the trail sign with an arrow and the word Shower. Thought there might be hot showers available. 🙂 Looking more closely, the sign said Shower Lake. I swam in Shower Lake. My last swim on this PCT hike and the coldest water yet. 

And other moments savored as I moved deliberately through the wide open penultimate.