Day 145 - Doing the miles. - Uphillhike
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Day 145 – Doing the miles.

At mile 1065.7. Hiked 26.4 miles today.

I felt like I needed to put in the miles in order for my last day on the PCT to be a short day, allowing plenty of time to hitch a ride to Sacramento. The trail cooperated with a smooth and even path. I’d already planned out my last campsite two more days out. It would make my last day a short 5 miles.

The morning light was incredible, or maybe the double hot coffee that put my brain on “enjoy mode”. I had not been having hot food in the morning, but now I was trying to use up my extra fuel. I can’t take it home on the plane and I don’t want to carry the weight if I’m not going to use it.

It was still the magic of morning and I could already tell that it would be a big day for photos. Normally, I take 3 times the photos that I end up using for that day’s blog.

With skies like this, I couldn’t stop clicking. 

Wierd lava formations were all over. This day of PCT is one of my favorites. Not to be missed.

The area from Blue Lakes Road to Ebbetts Pass, then to Carson Pass and on toward Tahoe should be near the top of your list for hiking. There are a lot of open spaces and variety. It is an area with several trailheads onto the PCT. Some of the PCT here is also the Tahoe Rim Trail. The Tahoe Rim Trail or TRT in California and Nevada is a 165-mile loop around Lake Tahoe.

The dusty trail is shown below.

Bluffs set against the blue sky.

Giant monolithic volcanic boulders sit just above the trail.

The trail winds through the volcanic landscape.

Wide-open spaces; wide-open trail. Endless sky.

The clouds move in.

More photos…

The clouds paint the sky.

This seems like a monument to an epic hike.