Day 141 - Cold Morning - Uphillhike
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Day 141 – Cold Morning

Day 141

At mile 976.6. Hiked 20.6 miles today.

There are not many photos of the wooded areas, but these are some of the most peaceful and delightful areas to walk through.

It was too cold to worry about breakfast (my water bottles were partially frozen) when I woke up, so I  ate breakfast later at this spot on Miller Lake. 

Near Miller Lake.

As I sat at Miller Lake, the button on my pants popped off. What to do now? With no belt, the button was all that held my pants up. I reused a carabiner that I had been using to hang a bottle of sun lotion on the outside of my pack.

I also used duct tape to mend holes on my gaitors. It is easy to tell a PCT Thru-hiker. Thin, even gaunt, with patches or holes through their clothing. Everything wears out. I’m on my 3rd shirt, 2nd pants, 4th pair of shoes, 2nd Gaitors, and 2nd or 3rd pair of Darn Tough socks.

Wilson Creek is where I stopped to soak my feet. There were trout in this small stream.

This is Smedberg Lake. I ate lunch here.

A creek in a meadow.

The trail.

Another  bear. This one was on the trail and running up the trail in the direction I was going. Good thing a SOBO wasn’t coming the other way at the time It would have scared the wits out of him to see a bear running up the trail toward him.

Some bonus photos.