Day 140 - Falls - Uphillhike
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Day 140 – Falls

At mile 956. Hiked 20 miles today.

Saw Shuttle hiking southbound. She  had also skipped the Sierra and saved it for last. We had hiked together part of a day in SOCAL going into Mike’s Place. She is the first person I have seen that I knew since I skipped to the Sierra.

Here is early morning fog lifting from a meadow where the Tuolomene flows.

This rock feature is on the Tioga road at the point the PCT crosses. I ressupplied at the post office nearby and also resupplied my stomach by having buckwheat pancakes drenched in syrup, then shortly after having an early lunch of double cheeseburger and fries. As tradition, I bought a large bag of Fritos for the next several days hike.

Part of Cathedral Peak.

The Tuolomene.

Bridjge over Tuolomene. The rock and concrete ramps to the bridge on each bank serve as spillways. These were full of rushing water in the early summer of 2017 making it treacherous for PCT hikers to reach the bridge. The bridge itself wasn’t under water. If swept away, if you didn’t drown first, you would  soon be hurtled over 2 downstream waterfalls.

Waterfall above Glen Aullin Falls.


Here is where I took a break and dipped my feet in the river.

The trail stretches across long dry meadows before it reaches Virginia Canyon.

Camped at McCabe Creek tonight in the exact spot I camped several years ago on my last Yosemite trip. The creek here makes this neat series of sluices which spill over a rock ledge. I remember it well from the first time I camped at this spot.