Day 139 - Banner Peak - Uphillhike
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Day 139 – Banner Peak

At mile 936. Hiked 23.8 miles today.

I met a pair of thru-hikers heading southbound. Their trail names were David and Z. David’s real name is Mike. Nobody seemed to be able to remember his real name so they named him David since it was presumably easier to remember. Z got her name because she hikes with Chacos, leaving Z tan marks on each foot.

David and Z and I had never previously met, but we knew all the same PCT hikers. It was fun talking to them to catch up on all of our in-common friends. They had hiked with Ridge Route and Shortcut in Washington. I told them that RR and Shortcut were in the Sierras now. Z had met Cache 22 at the Oregon border where they were both starting their hikes. There were many others that we both knew or met such as Bear, Flying Amaneta, Hummingbird, Rifle, etc.

Here is a small lake where I ate lunch, soaked my feet, and napped.

Banner Peak in Ansel Adams Wilderness.

Banner Peak with Thousand Islands Lake.

The trail.

In Yosemite, finally. Here is the Lyell group of mountains, including its namesake glacier.

View below. See the Tuolumne river winding its way through the meadows of Lyell Canyon.