Day 138 - Double Cheeseburger - Uphillhike
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Day 138 – Double Cheeseburger

At mile 912.2. Hiked 16.2 miles today.

Today I had an easy trail the entire day. The trail surface was smooth and the slope was gentle. After 10 miles I arrived at Reds Meadow.  I went directly to the General Store to buy a beer, then to the cafe to order a double cheeseburger to go with my Sierra Pale Ale. 

Needing only one breakfast and one dinner, I resupplied from the hiker box. I just finished eating a mystery chicken and rice dinner that I had chosen from the hiker box. It turned out to be great. You are never too sure what you are getting when it isn’t in the original packaging. 

Other hikers were opening their resupply packages and offering me food they did not want to carry. I had to refuse most offers or I would have been carrying too much. 

After eating, resupplying, updating blog posts, and charging my external battery, I hit the trail again. With 36 miles to my next resupply at the Yosemite Tuolomene post office, I wanted to cover a few miles as insurance that I would arrive on Saturday before the 1:00 pm post office closing time. Tonight, I am camped on the bank high above the San Joaquin River.