Day 135 - Muir Trail Ranch - Uphillhike
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Day 135 – Muir Trail Ranch

At mile 857.7. Hiked 18.9 miles today plus 1.5 miles to Muir Ranch.

At Muir Trail Ranch there were 5-gallon buckets labeled with categories for each type of food and other non-food items. Amazed at the abundance and variety of free food and supplies, I went down the line selecting the food I needed. I grabbed several Mountain House scrambled egg dinners. It was pleasing to think that I would have a break from the daily morning oatmeal over the next several days. I provisioned with enough food to get me to Reds Meadow. All compliments of John Muir Trail hikers that either overpacked or never made it this far. 

After resupply, I walked to the camping area for hikers situated alongside the San Joaquin River. A rope is suspended across the river. I held onto the rope and pushed into the current, crossing the river to the hot springs. I bypassed the first small spring. A camper had warned me that he had encountered a large snake resting on a rock at the edge of the spring. Also, upon reaching the hot spring, I spied a naked man sprawled and floating in the hot waters. The spring was obviously too small to comfortably share with a naked man. Instead, I dangled my legs in the second spring, then crossed back over the river to my campsite.

Early morning lake views high up on the north side of Muir Pass.

Midmorning sun on a mountain.

Marsh on way toward Selden Pass.