Day 133 - Swinging Bridge - Uphillhike
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Day 133 – Swinging Bridge

At mile 815.6. Hiked 21.3 miles today.

I climbed over 3500 vertical feet from the swinging bridge to Pinchot Pass. I climbed again to a point just below the final climb of Mather Pass. 

Here is a rock formation that looks like a giant thumb. Last night I camped close to this dome. This view is looking back after hiking beyond camp for a short while.

Here are some of the many mountains I have been seeing.

Only one person at a time is allowed on this swinging bridge over the King River. I can see why. The bridge undulates backward and forward, but the floor also tilts steeply from side to side. This combination of motion could easily throw you into the river if you don’t hold on. Finally, I found a fun swinging bridge that beyond doubt undulates, tilts, and swings. 

I stopped for a late lunch below Pinchot Pass. I took a nap but didn’t realize that a pack party was just beyond the rise behind me. I kept hearing sounds of something hitting rocks. It was this mule team shuffling in place as the party ate their lunch. It is a good thing these mules didn’t bray. A loud bray would have really startled me from my half nap. A short time later I stopped for a break at the top of Pinchot Pass. A couple of other hikers wandered up and joined me for a break. One of the hikers actually worked for the “pack party” and was currently trailing the pack team. Her job was to hike along and be present to help out the paying customers. Sounds like the perfect job. I asked her questions about how much guided packing trips on the JMT cost.   It cost nearly as much as it probably cost me to hike from Mexico to Canada. I would love to take a horse and a mule out on the JMT. I would ride the horse and pack the mule. I would also wear a cowboy hat. 🙂

Here are some views below Mather Pass where I camped.

Tonight I am camped on the barren tarns below Mather Pass.