Day 132 - Rae Lakes - Uphillhike
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Day 132 – Rae Lakes

At mile 794.3. Hiked 5.4 PCT miles today. Returned to PCT via Kearsage Pass Trail by hiking additional 7.2 miles.

I bought 2  breakfast burritos at the Shell Station in Independence to carry with me for lunch. The person working in the store seemed strange. When I asked how much my food cost he seemed to just make up an obviously inflated price. Then he quickly reduced it by a dollar. Observing this pricing system, I asked how much the Cliff Bars were. Again, he threw out a price, immediately reducing the price, then reducing it again. I saved the burritos until just before I began my climb of Glen Pass. Coming down the other side of Glenn Pass, my mind was zoned out. As my mind zoned into a complete blank, my focus became deeply set on stepping through the rocks. Normally while hiking, I think of a variety of things. This time I felt outside my body. When I spoke to others it felt like the words weren’t coming from me. I began to wonder whether something was added to those burritos other than eggs and cheese.

Here I am hitchhiking to Onion Valley on this deserted road. After a long wait and two missed chances,  I waved a $20 bill when the third driver looked like he would pass. He stopped when he saw the $20 bill.

Over Kearsage Pass, I took the high route back to the PCT. I looked down upon the lakes that I had walked alongside two days earlier via the low route.

I love to see horses and mules packing supplies. I could see myself doing this.

Another lake view from Kearsage Pass Trail.

Here is the trail to Glenn Pass.

This is the top of Glenn Pass.

Lake over the north side of Glenn Pass. The trail leads into Rae Lakes following a very rocky and hard to walk route.

Some pics of lakes and Rae Lakes.

I became tired and stopped early at a site that had a bear box. The bear box was handy because I had a lot of food that could not fit in my bear vault. I should have been able to hike another 3 or 4 miles, but it was still a productive day. I felt good about the day considering that I didn’t start hiking until 10:25 am and that I had crossed two high passes including Glenn with its brutal rocky surface.