Day 130 - Forester Pass - Uphillhike
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Day 130 – Forester Pass

At mile 788.5. Hiked 15.8 PCT miles plus 7 miles on Kearsage Pass Trail to Onion Valley parking lot.

Today I climbed 2 passes including Forester Pass at over 13,000 feet, the highest point on the PCT.

I came across many families of Marmots. This is an adult. The babies are cuter. 

Here is the climb up Forester Pass. You can see the notch that is the pass.

Here is the view looking back (south) from Forester Pass.

A lake after the initial descent from Forester Pass.

Just one of the countless views, all worthy of stopping for a break or photographing. I wouldn’t hike a mile in a day if I stopped whenever I was captivated by the view.

Here is one of many lakes along the trail over Kearsage Pass. I hiked 8 miles down this trail in order to hitch a ride to Lone Pine for resupply.

The clouds built as I began climbing Kearsage Pass. I kept an eye out for lightning danger. The climb was steep on the west side of the pass.

This is the top of Kearsage Pass.

On the east side of the pass, the trail was not as steep but it descended forever and toward the end had many steps that were 12 inches or higher. Stepping down these at the end of the day was harder on my knees.

Another view along the Kearsage Pass Trail to the parking lot at Onion Valley. After all my effort to reach the trailhead, I couldn’t get a ride into Independence and was forced to camp at Onion Valley. I had to pay $20 for a campsite without running water. Hopefully, the money will be put to good use by the National Park Service. At least I am getting free admission at many National Parks by hiking into them, so paying $20 today isn’t so bad after all.