Day 117 - At the end of the line. - Uphillhike
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Day 117 – At the end of the line.

Day 117

At Northern Terminus of PCT, mile 2652.6. on August 16, 2018, around 9 AM. Hiked 6.4 PCT miles today. Hiked an additional 8.4 miles to Manning Park, Canada.

Everything’s gonna be alright.

At the end of the line.

—The Traveling Wilbury’s.

It is only a short hike to the border. The anticipation of reaching the northern terminus monument is almost overwhelming. Here is some of the scenery along the way.


Nearing the end, I reached a spot where I could view the long slash cut through the forest that marks the US/Canadian border.

At the PCT monument on the border, I celebrated by dancing to my PCT theme song and posing for photos with the monument. Selfie took these photos. Just to be clear, these are not selfies, the trail name of the hiker was Selfie. Cache 22 was already at the terminus when I arrived. Extra Mile hiked up shortly after my arrival. Lightning showed up and then at least 4 others followed.


“Trying to find.

Trying to find.

Where I’ve been.”

—Led Zeppelin 

    from Kashmir

And I was looking back and thinking.