Day 113 - Zero in Stehekin - Uphillhike
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Day 113 – Zero in Stehekin

At mile 2571.9. Hiked 0 miles today. Advanced 20 miles on PCT due to fire closure.

Today I took the shuttle from Holden Village to Lucerne on Lake Chelan from which I took the Lady II ferry to Stehekin.

Today will be a zero-day and tomorrow when the post office opens I will pick up my last resupply before Canada. After another 88 miles, I plan to be in Manning Park, Canada 4 hiking days from now.

The photo shows early morning on the main street of Holden Village. This was a copper mining town that the Lutheran Church purchased and turned into a retreat. In 2017 there was a wildfire in the mountains towering over the village. Somehow the Village was protected and did not burn. The only way to access the town is by hiking or boat. The vehicles seen around town had to be brought in by barge. There is no WiFi, no cell service, and no internet other than a single shared notebook PC connected to the Internet. Wait in line. I used Facebook Messenger to let my wife know I was okay.

This is Stehekin. It also is only accessible by boat. It lies in the North Cascades National Park. I took a shuttle bus from Holden Village to a landing on lake Chelan called Lucerne. From there I took the ferry to Stehekin.

The Stehekin Marina on Lake Chelan. This time of day was okay, but heavy smoke ruined daylight views of mountains and lake.