Day 111 - Swimming in Mica Lake - Uphillhike
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Day 111 – Swimming in Mica Lake

At mile 2540.6. Hiked 24.1 miles today.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I woke up this morning thinking I was in my bed at home.

I had early morning views of Glacier Peak.

Yet again, there was more blow-down, but not as much as I encountered yesterday.  This one presented an interesting problem. I managed by climbing over.

One last snow crossing. Or will it be the last?

The winding trail.

Mica Lake

Another view of the reflections in Mica lake.

Here I’m having a mid-morning swim in Mica Lake. Having frigid clear water and a low rock ledge serving as a convenient swimming platform, I rated this one a five-star swimming lake!

I liked this boulder nestled in ferns.

I had to carefully resupply my water from this raging creek.

Some views of glaciers.

In the twilight, I walked among old growth Cedar trees along the Suiattle River feeling as if I had stepped back in time thousands of years.

The Suiattle River was running hard. It was nice to have a bridge or this river would have been uncrossable or very nearly so.  Godzilla, Space Jam, and Ron took a 7-mile shortcut via a former PCT route. It required crossing this river via a thin tree that didn’t quite span the entire river.

I ate two suppers. I cooked and ate Ramen noodles and chicken at 5:30 pm during a short hiking break. Later, I had Chili Mac at 7:30 pm in camp. Now it is 8:39 pm and I’m feeling hungry again.