Day 109 - Hot and Smoky - Uphillhike
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Day 109 – Hot and Smoky

At mile 2486.7. Hiked 22.5 miles today.

Since I was in town to enjoy the modern conveniences of the Cascadia Inn, I got my usual “in town” late start. Trail Angel, Chris gave me a ride up to Stevens Pass, but first I picked up a couple of blueberry muffins at the deli. I’d already had granola cereal and plenty of coffee at the Cascadia.

It was a hot and smoky day. It seemed like my shirt was soaked with sweat all day long. There were some fantastic vantage points for views of Glacier Peak, but smoke obscured the peak.

This is lake Valhalla. I would have liked to have swum in this lake, but it was early for a break and I thought I needed to keep hiking.

This is Lake Janus. I ate lunch here, but the lake was muddy on my shore so I didn’t even dip my feet in the water.

View of Glacier Peak, but so much smoke you can’t see it.

This is Pear Lake. It was late for swimming so I soaked my feet instead. I considered camping here, but ate dinner and rested, then hiked 4 more miles.