Day 107 - Lakes - Uphillhike
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Day 107 – Lakes

At mile 2455.9. Hiked 21 miles today.

Today I visited many lakes. I woke up and broke camp at Deep Lake. I ate lunch and soaked my feet in Deception Lake. I swam in Glacier Lake and tonight I am camping at Mig Lake. 

Here is Deep Lake from my campsite.

Here is Deep Lake view after having climbed toward Cathedral Peak.

After the morning climb, I could see Cathedral Peak up close.

I climbed Again to Piper Pass and came down through this rock field.

From Piper Pass I could see Glacier Lake below.

I was soon at Glacier lake where I cooked off with a short swim. Here is where I took a dip.

After yet another climb I could see Trap Lake with water so clear, I could see boulders on the bottom.

With tent set up at Mig Lake, I began cooking Chicken and Dumplings dinner when I was surprised to see Nuts and Two Meals come hiking by. Nuts plans to be in Canada on the 14th. I think I may be there on the 17th or even 18th.

Here is Mig Lake view from my campsite.