Day 101 - Mt Ranier - Uphillhike
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Day 101 – Mt Ranier

At mile 2325.7. Hiked 24.8 miles today.

I used the Thermocell during a morning break and at lunch. It kept the mosquitoes away so could take off the head net and relax without those pesky bloodsuckers bothering me.  I’m happy with Thermocell.

I broke camp at Busch Lake and walked past a number of ponds while hiking through one of the worst mosquito infested areas I had seen. Mosquitoes were in a swarm around my head net.

This is Busch Lake where I camped.

I passed by Yellow Cedars that grow in this area.

I had to cross a stream by walking this log. It was easier than some other log crossings I had done on the PCT.

There were meadows with ponds and wet areas. Beautiful,but perfect for mosquitoes.

Mt. Ranier

My. Ranier close-up.

This is Anderson Lake where I took a quick swim then laid on my mat to dry out.  Washington has been hot.