Day 96 - New Shoes and Socks - Uphillhike
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Day 96 – New Shoes and Socks

At mile 2228.9. Hiked 15.4 miles today.

Here is Mosquito Creek. In my opinion  there are many lakes and creeks and campsites that should be named after this swarming blood thirsty pest.

Here is one of the few open spots along today’s trail. The next section will be much different having  great views.

Here is a view of Mt Baker from the outskirts of Trout Lake. It was easy hitching into town. My ride, Bill even drove me past all the main stops in town and explained where everything was located. Thanks Bill!

I’m in Trout Lake for a true zero. New darn tough socks and Altra Olympus shoes had just arrived from Amazon. These worn out Altras went to the dumpster. I’m convinced that some of my leg pain and toe numbness was due to these worn out shoes. I was ready to replace 100 miles ago, but I needed lead time to have them shipped. Next time I will order new shoes before the old ones are worn out. I’m now on my 3rd pair of shoes.