Day 95 - Packing with Horses - Uphillhike
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Day 95 – Packing with Horses

Day 95

At mile 2213.5. Hiked 25 miles today.

Today I began seeing a lot of SOBO’s on the trail including a group of about a dozen calling themselves the train.

Here is Mt Hood with the outlines of Columbia River gorge visible.

View of Mt St Helens. Trees blocked most of the views.

View of Mt Adams.

This is Blue Lake where Toothbrush and I saw horses. These people were out for several nights. Previously I had only seen riders that were out for the day.

I wanted to swim in Blue Lake, but the mosquitoes were too bad. We ate lunch at Blue Lake while battling mosquitoes. 

This is Bear Lake which isn’t last water for 11 miles. I stopped here and cooled off by swimming across the lake and back. Once out of the water I quickly covered up and headed out before many mosquitoes landed all over my wet body.