Day 92 - Nero at Bridge of the Gods - Uphillhike
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Day 92 – Nero at Bridge of the Gods

At mile 2146.7. Hiked 1.9 miles today.

Today was a  sunny town day.With my tent a tent set up at  Marine Park Campground, I went about my chores. Everything is close together and convenient. There are 16 other hiker tents here with about half being southbounders (SOBO). I ordered new darn tough socks to be delivered by Amazon to Kracker Barrel in a couple hundred mile. I bought grocery resupply, showered, and I washed clothes.

Here is the view of the Locks from my camp. Best view in town!

I had one free beer at the Ale House and another at Thunder Island brewery. I sat with Einstein at the bar at the Ale House and the couple he was   talking  to paid for our lunches. More trail magic. Thank you, I’ll return the favor with a future trail magic gift of my own. The owner and bartender at the Ale House was excited about Darwin of YouTube hiker fame reaching Cascade Locks tomorrow.

Here is Thunder Island Brewery.

For dessert there are plenty of delicious blackberries growing all over town. These I picked on  Thunder Island directly across from the campground.

There is Trail Days in Cascade Locks on August 17th – 19th. I should be getting to Canada around August 17th. I’d like to figure out. Way to attend this festival. It would be cutting it close.

At night hikers sat at the picnic table talking about various testosterone charged challenges. The challenge crowd is really in full gear here. WalkAbout had just finished a 63 mile hike in 20 hours and when’s his footgear failed kept going. He has blisters. Einstein (NOBO) is talking about how he did the Oregon 2-week challenge. Hike all Oregon in 14 days. WalkAbout (SOBO) is thinking about hiking all Oregon in 9 days. Could there be competition between NOBO’s and SOBO’s? A girl who ran from Timberline to Cascade Locks (50 miles) is supposed to be in camp.