Day 90 - Mt. Hood - Uphillhike
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Day 90 – Mt. Hood

At mile 2118.4. Hiked 21.5 miles today.

I got a late start after a morning visit to the Timberline Lodge to wash socks and charge battery. Being well rested after an easy day yesterday, the morning hike was as good as it gets. The walk had beautiful views, cool and pleasant weather, and an easily walked trail. The one mishap was when I slipped on very slick mud. One foot slid forward until I was nearly doing a split. My other leg bent at the knee until the knee struck a rock. The knee was bruised, but it could have been a lot worse had my knee struck harder. 

Morning view of Mt Jefferson from Timberline Lodge.

I took two scenic alternates today. The first was Paradise Park which went above the tree line where I enjoyed wildflower meadows and views of Mt Hood. The second was the Ramona Falls trail.

Paradise Park views of Hood.

Here is Ramona Falls with light coming through the trees and hitting the water just right.

After midday I began feeling weak and tired so I stopped to eat and laid down for a nap after crossing this stream.

While at this stream and as I finished resting, Eric showed up. Not far behind him was Rambler from Israel. We hiked on and crossed another raging stream, but this time Eric easily walked across on a fallen tree high above the stream. I followed, but when I got far out and saw how high above the stream I was the log suddenly didn’t seem wide enough. I switched to baby steps as I could feel myself totter a bit with the backpack not helping my balance. Maybe next time I’ll just walk through the water. 

We again saw Rambler and I took the lead of the three of us as I began a climb. I thought it would be short, but it was long  and steep. Rambler was right on my heals so I climbed faster. It was a long climb so I wore myself out  with my fast pace. 

Here is a late day view of Mt Hood.

People: At the end of the day Hot Sauce passed me. After I was in the tent. Magic Beans came by and asked where the spring was. I told her that it was another 0.2 miles north on the trail. She asked whether it had tent sites. I told her that it did have tent sites and that Hot Sauce was there. Magic Beans took off to join Hot Sauce. That’s the first and last I expect to see of those two.