Day 88 - Good day for sore legs - Uphillhike
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Day 88 – Good day for sore legs

At mile 2089.5. Hiked 24.9 miles today.

Near the end of the day as I crested a hill, I was rewarded for pushing through sore muscles with a stunning view of Mt Hood.

When I wake up tomorrow morning and finish hiking my first half mile, I’ll have hiked 1650 miles and have 1000 miles remaining. 

The morning was tough. My legs were sore until after I took a break at 12 miles. During this long break, I slept, ate, and rested. Eventually after walking again, the muscle soreness went away. I thought hiker legs meant that your legs don’t get sore. 

Here is the only PCT archway I recall seeing. Nearby is a sign asking people to identify and report grey wolves. Simba, going southbound told us he saw a couple of wolves north of Ollalie lake.

Butterfly on Timothy Lake where I took a power hiker nap.

I visited Little Crater Lake which is an artesian spring. You can see 45 feet through crystal clear water to the bottom. I wouldn’t swim here because the water is 34 degrees F (1.1 degree Celsius).