Day 87 - Nate Cooks Breakfast - Uphillhike
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Day 87 – Nate Cooks Breakfast

At mile 2064.6. Hiked 27.9 miles today.

In the morning long before my muscles and feet get tired and sore at the end of the day I have a big smile on my face.

I paused to look back at my last views of Jefferson and her glacier.

Mt Jefferson is a beauty when beheld from Olallie Lake where there is a small resort with a store.

The resort has a floating dock that pitches back and forth when you walk out on it. As kids, walking out and rocking on something like this was the kind of thing my brother and I loved to do. Though, it was usually a swinging bridge.

Nate, the Trail Angel, and I at Ollalie Lake. I walked up to the picnic area and Nate called me over for trail magic. He had a griddle and chairs set up and quickly made me a stack of blueberry pancakes. I had 6 pancakes, 3 fried eggs, and coffee. 

Another hiker or two were there when I introduced myself to Nate as Uphill. Nate became excited and said that he had been following me on Instagram and my blog and that he had been hoping to see me. It was nice to feel like a celebrity in front of the other hikers. 🙂 I signed Nate’s register with my trail name and logo. I’ve been signing registers up and down the trail with my logo of a    bent over hiker with trekking pole climbing a steep slope. This signature is really starting to get noticed and mentioned by other hikers.

The hiking was hot again so I stopped at a lake for a swim. As I was sunning myself dry, I saw these blue florescent dragon flies. I think they eat mosquitoes and if so, these were doing a good job keeping mosquitoes away from this spot.

By the end of the day my legs were really sore but I kept on walking to rah Warm Springs river. There I met Hoop Dreams of PCT Class of 2013. She knew Shedder of PCT2013 who had given me a ride from Bend to McKenzie Pass and had gone to his wedding. He had proposed to his future wife on the PCT.

As you can see, Hoop Dreams, Sage Brush, and I had our tents very close to one another. Unfortunately, we found out that Sage Brush snores. 🙁