Day 86 - Mt Jefferson - Uphillhike
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Day 86 – Mt Jefferson

At mile 2036.7. Hiked 21.9 miles today. 

Today was different because I was hailing with others nearly the entire day. Soon after I started, I came across Sid again and we joined up. Soon Amaneta showed up and Amaneta and I moved on ahead. Shortly after lunch. Eric caught the both of us and I hiked with both until  the night’s camp. All of us had camped at one spot or another the previous night around Rock Pile lake.

We had great morning views of ithe south facing side of Mt Jefferson.

Working our way around the west slopes of Mt Jefferson we saw a green valley with cool looking lakes. It was already getting hot and we were climbing much of the day so the lakes looked good.

Making it even hotter, we walked through long miles of burned forest that provided  no shade. I was sweating a lot and drinking a great deal of water. Even the PCT sign was burned in the fire.

Fortunately there was plenty of water so we didn’t need to carry a lot. Here is a stream that was fed from a glacier on Mt Jefferson. It wasn’t dangerous, but it wasn’t the easiest crossing. We had to find the right place to cross.

We passed meadows with bright red Indian Paintbrush and purple Lupine. The north facing glacial slope of Mt Jefferson was often in the background and we were out of the burned area.

Since it was green, it was time to pose for photos.

And it was time for a photo of the trail with Mt Jefferson as a backdrop.

Here is a closer look at the top of the north facing side of Mt Jefferson.

With the long climb in the heat, it was time for a lake break. We all went swimming. The lake was bordered by bright red Indian Paintbrush and had a nice beach that made it easy to enter the water without the ouches of walking across a rock strewn bottom. My Jefferson decorated this perfect swim spot.

I couldn’t stop taking photos of Mt Jefferson.


Here is one with Mt Jefferson and Amaneta (front) and Eric  coming down the trail.

Now a real close-up of the top of the mountain.

Reaching the ridge top, I could capturée entire mountain in a single shot.

Amaneta and I had a Duct Tape for Cliff Bar trade. I had more bars than I needed and he was a little short on snacks. I needed Duct tape to patch a hole in my right shoe and to wrap around the lower section of one trekking  pole to parent it from collapsing.

And at the ridge top new mountains to the north were revealed. Here is my first real view of Mt Hood. Only 60 miles hike away from tonight’s campsite.

Next we had some walks across snow. Look closely for Eric and Amaneta who are well down slope hiking in the snow on these shots..

The mosquitoes mostly left us alone today, but gathered up for a fearsome attack at our campsite. They were gathered at the net door of my tent and covering the side of a nearby dead tree, something I have never seen before. After dark the wind became gusty and temps dropped. Nice sleeping weather. I had already fallen asleep in my tent in broad sunlight. A hiker names Jacob set up next to me. He started May 15th and this is his 65th day on the trail. Quite a hiker. Eric is camped to the other side of me. Amaneta continued hiking with the aim of making 30 something miles. Now is the time for me to sleep again.