Day 85 - Heat - Uphillhike
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Day 85 – Heat

At mile 2014.8. Hiked 19.7 miles today.

Having eaten 2 meals at Big Lake Youth Camp I was still carrying most of the food from my resupply and my pack was heavy. I  had a very late start so I was hiking during the hottest part of the day on a hot day. Not only that, I had also started late the day and hiked through exposed burns and lava fields, so this was the 2nd day in a row of intense heat.

Shortly after crossing Hwy 20 at Santiago Pass (very heavy fast traffic and near impossible and easily the most dangerous road crossing on PCT) I saw a large group of backpackers obviously about to finish up at the parking lot. I asked if this was the case and if so, whether I could have some of their water. In minutes I had as much water as I wanted to carry. This was fortunate because with the heat of the next 8 miles, I drank all the water I had initially carried plus the water the hikers gave me.

Here is the view back toward Mt Washington and Sisters as I climbed toward the south facing side of Three Finger Jack.

I as seeing many hikers of all sorts and the mosquitoes weren’t bad, but when I reached the top I ran into a lady who had rock climbed Three Finger Jack and wasn’t covered with large welts of mosquito bites. She looked like she had been carpet bombed. Her arms and legs and when she turned her head I could see continue welts across her neck and face. She warned me about mosquitoes if I was going to the top. I wasn’t. I told her that mosquitoes weren’t bad from here to the road and gave her some Deet.


Here ia a view of Three Fingered Jack. I’m finally out of the burn area.

Here is a view of the north facing side of Three Finger Jack.

Here is Wasco Lake or should I say, “Here was Wasco.” The PCT didn’t go to this lake, but my swimming pond flows to Wasco.

After finally reaching a series of small ponds, I resupplied water and cooled off with a swim in the largest pond.

The day wasn’t over. I had a long climb straight up a rock washed out trail in a burn area. Again it was hot, but I was tired now and stumbled and tripped my way across the rocks. One time my water bottle went flying with water spraying on and around me. The bottle  top broke, but at least I didn’t hit the rocks myself.

Here is my campsite next to Rockpile lake. There were a lot of people camped there including Sid, Amaneta, a Boy Scout Troop, and new friend, Eric. Philmont Scout Ranch is closed due to fire so this was the troop’s backup plan. Late in the day, I saw Farley come limping by. He didn’t stop.