Day 84 - Beer and Barber - Uphillhike
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Day 84 – Beer and Barber

At mile 1995.1. Hiked 11.4 miles today.

Breweries are a big deal in Bend, OR.. I stayed at the Bunk and Brew Hostel with first beer included. At Safeway I was offered a beer sample while shopping. I checked out barber shops and the first two I pulled up included beer with a haircut. Here I am in the barber chair with my 7 AM IPA. 

Had to cross lava flows. Looking back were great views of Sisters.

Here is the trail going through lava that made hiking difficult.

A view of Mt Washington and trail through Lava. I rounded the mountain on the left(south) side and between lava and forest burns I was exposed to sun and heat during much of the afternoon. Having come from Bend. I did t start hung until half past noon.

Tonight I was treated to dinner at Big Lake Youth Camp and hung out in a new building with laundry, showers, kitchen, etc dedicated for PCT hikers. Amaneta, a hiker that I first met in SOCAL showed up at Big Lake. It was great catching up with him and we know or have met many of the same hikers. He started his hike the day before me and he went straight through the Sierras in May. One of the INTENSE hikers. 

Later another of the INTENSE  hikers, Farley of New Hampshire  showed up at the camp. He looked a little drained and was wearing a plastic blanket fashioned as a skirt to keep mosquitoes off his legs. He really didn’t like the mosquitoes so had started walking all day and through the night and didn’t stop until reaching the Youth Caml 38 hours and 118 miles later. I don’t know whether 118 miles without sleep is a record. But it may be. 

Here is Farley after a 118 mile day. Farley finished the long 118 mile day with 4 miles of brutal walking on lava rock.