Day 81 - Trail 2000 - Uphillhike
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Day 81 – Trail 2000

At mile 1950.2. Hiked 25.1 miles today. 

I found this sign with an old trail emblem that I hadn’t never seen before. Unlike the Appalachian Trail, the PCT does not have a white blaze painted on trees. The PCT has a variety of signs including signs for trail 2000 which is the officially designated trail number for this National Scenic Trail. Maybe this is an original sign from when the PCT was built in the 60’s.

This morning the tent was wet and I was sleepy and lazy. I slept late and stayed in camp long enough for the tent to dry out.

Although I passed many lakes, it wasn’t until late that I found South Lake which was suitable for swimming. In other words, where you wouldn’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes. There was a couple camped there who had just finished a swim themselves. The water felt so good. The top 12 inches was a comfortable temperature and the water beneath was much colder. I swam around some and floated on my back for a while. What a way to get a break from the afternoon heat!

Here is one of the many lakes and ponds I passed.

My campsite tonight has a stream next to it which is a rarity in this area.  Unfortunately, this campsite had the most mosquitoes I’ve seen anywhere on the PCT. Luckily I had cooked and eaten dinner at mosquito free Dumbell Lake 3 miles back.  As soon as I arrived at Camp Mosquito, I threw down my backpack and pulled on my windbreaker. Then I sprayed legs and hands with more Deet. I spread out my Tyvek and emptied pack contents onto the sheet until I could reached the tent. I had the tent pitched in minutes, unzipped the door, threw in pack and other gear and jumped in myself. Zipping the door shut, I looked around to find at least 100 mosquitoes trapped in the tent with me. The door had only been open for less than 10 seconds. Next, I began mosquito eradication by slapping my  hands together with mosquito in-between.