Day 77 - Climbing Mt Thielson - Uphillhike
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Day 77 – Climbing Mt Thielson

At mile 1861.8. Hiked 21 miles today.

This is Zach and Nora who are climbing the pinnacle of Thielson  Peak shown in the background. Zach has climbed it before and it is Nora’s first time. There doesn’t appear to be any room on top, but Zach told me that there is an area the size of a small living room. 

After an area of mosquitoes during mid-morning, I didn’t see mosquitoes again until the last mile before camp. I made this an easy day by taking long breaks and naps at a couple of the more scenic spots. I also slept late having gotten a chill in the morning and after breakfast. I fell back asleep and slept soundly.  I must be really tired. 

By the way, I no longer have hot breakfast. I mix instant coffee in a water bottle and carry it with me. I have cold instant oatmeal, but my favorite is granola cluster cereal with powdered milk. I usually have a couple of pop tarts also. This means that I only use fuel for supper. With denatured alcohol hard to find at times, this helps conserve fuel. It also saves pack weight.

I cooled off my bare feet in Thielson Creek, then laid out in a sunny spot on the bank of the creek. Here is Thielson creek.

Mt Thielson

Occasional views of lakes, but long distances between water on the trail.

Here is rock and talus field below Mt Thielson.

And snow.

And snow on the trail. I crossed the highest point on PCT in Oregon and Washington at 7560 feet, so there were plenty of snow patches.

Here is the high country.


At the end of the day I met Avocado and hiked with him the last couple of miles to my campsite. Avocado started his thru-hike March 28th, the day after me, He went through the Sierras and has taken 6 zero days so far. This is an interesting to compare our progress. He typically hiked 20 plus miles per day in SOCAL and is hiking 30 miles per day now. I think that in the coming weeks I should see others like him begin to pass me. He is the lead edge of the bubble that is behind me at the moment.