Day 76 - Crater Lake - Uphillhike
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Day 76 – Crater Lake

At mile 1840.8. Hiked 19.9 miles today.

Today I hiked the PCT alternate route that is the Crater Lake Rim Trail. I took my time getting started as I enjoyed the amenities of the Mazama Village campground. Upon reaching Rim Village I took a long break to allow my devices to recharge. This meant an early lunch. It was also a great opportunity to meet some interesting hikers including the first true South Bounder (SOBO). The last 2 days I have been meeting a lot of hikers and it is getting hard to keep them all straight. I really enjoy meeting and talking to new people and I think I need that since this hike has been solitary for the most part. 

I had thought that a thru-hike would be carefree with a come what may relaxed attitude. It may be just that for some people who are hiking with just the right group. In reality, a thru-hike is a daily routine with only breif carefree periods. Sometimes I find myself thinking about the hike or being absorbed with some camping or hike related task and I forget to notice what is around me. This is particularly true in comparison with shorter hikes I have taken in the past where I’m hyper focused on my natural surroundings.

Each night I get into my tent and slap the mosquitoes flying against the ceiling.

A couple photos of Crater Lake. Later in the day smoke blew in from California and you could barely see the lake.

I had to have a photo of myself at the lake. There were plenty of tourists around to assist.

Snow at high elevation on the Crater Rim. As a side trip, I climbed to the Watch Tower at over 8000 feet elevation. It is perched high above the lake.

A view from Watch Tower.


Talked to Hummingbird who is a NOBO who is doing more than 30 miles per day.

Met PiXie from Maine who is  first SOBO having  started on June 1st. He is going incredible 300 miles before next resupply. He skied part of the trail in Washington.

Sid and Spark shared campsite with me at Crater Lake Mazama PCT area. Sid from Texas only has a tarp which he sleeps on cowboy style. Spark is from Germany and had come through the Sierras. Both are older than me.

Beatrice from Montreal just began her hike. She is hiking to Canada where her mom will pick her up.

Crazy71 is from China and is 72 years old. He carries over 40 pounds. CRazy71 hiked the first half last year and is hiking the 2nd half this year. He has used the hike to raise $60,000 for a hospice in China.

Peaches and Turtle are hikers using Amazon for their resupplies.