Day 75 - Deep Burn - Uphillhike
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Day 75 – Deep Burn

At mile 1820.9. Hiked 16.6 miles. 

I was ready for Crater Lake and with mosquitoes keeping me from slowing down, I was sitting in Annie’s restaurant in Crater Lake before 12:30 PM.

I walked through areas that were intensely burned. In parts the trail was totally obliterated and I was forced to navigate by GPS when I found myself off the trail. Small saplings had burnt into something like tempered swords while curling inward over the trail. These fire transformed saplings would rip flesh and and clothing. There weee also a lot of fallen trees to navigate around.

I met a man named Noodles who was on a hike and was doing his part for trail maintenance with a tiny saw. Every little bit helps, but this was the worst I have seen on the PCT and it needs more than a tiny saw. 

An artistic view of burned forest.


This butterfly is interesting because it favors this grass, not traditional flowers. I also really liked it’s coloring and patterns which Indont recall seeing before.


At Mazama Village I shared a site with Sparky and Sid. We drank more than a few beers as older men do, there were opinions expressed and complaints made.

Awww, but it was nice to have campground bathrooms and showers and a camp area filled with PCT hikers young and old.