Day 74 - Oregon Beauty - Uphillhike
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Day 74 – Oregon Beauty

At mile 1804.3. Hiked 26.5 miles today.

I have hiked 714.3 miles over the first 37 consecutive days (no zeros) of my return to the PCT. I had hiked 650 miles in 37 consecutive days (no zeros) during the Southern California portion of my PCT hike. 

This is looking back at the north side of Mt McLoughlin. I hiked on the mosquitoe infested south side yesterday afternoon.

Here is a morning view of a lake.

This is “Hoops”. He is from Germany and is hiking the Oregon PCT. He carries this basketball and lives American Pro Basketball. I tried lifting his pack and it must weigh over 50 pounds. Hoops discovered the PCT by reading Into the Wild, the true story of a young man seeking who starved to death in Alaska wilderness. He read it 5 times. Maybe his backpack is so heavy because he is carrying 50lbs of food so he won’t starve. 

I had a good time talking with Hoops. It was the first mosquito free place that morning and I needed a break from running away from mosquitoes.

More photos showing th beauty of rhis part of Oregon.

And here is a photo of the trail traversing a slope underneath bluffs.