Day 72 - Red Pipe Gates - Uphillhike
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Day 72 – Red Pipe Gates

At mile 1755.3. Hiked 23.3 miles today.

I walked between public and private land. All was equally beautiful. In this area the pipe gates have a different design and I was pleased to see that they were painted red. Better than rust color.

A large lava boulder lay about 5 feet from the door of my tent. In the morning a bird perched on the tip of the rock and sang its machine gun song. It then repeated the same at a higher pitch. It was nice to lie there and watch this black headed bird sing.

First break of the day and I am kicking back by laying down on my blue foam, using phone, and snacking. You only see my feet.

There were many mountainside meadows between wooded areas.

This small pond was where I filled my water bottles.

Here is the trail with a well crafted stone cairn.

The aqueduct was flowing pretty fast. It reminded me of the Lazy Hooch at Whitewater Amusement park. I’d like to tube down it, but Guthook said don’t drink, so I assume that rules out tubing as well.

I like this tree growing in an enormous stump.

These flowers were different looking. More muted colors. The wildflowers continue and the diversity is higher than ever.

Last night was the first time since Dirt and Rye that I shared a camp spot. I saw plenty of people today, but so far nobody else is at tonight’s campsite.Just as I was writing this, none other than Pusher showed up and started setting up. Amazing! Pusher and I are on the YouTube channel, “Saunter Beyond” hiking into Big Bear and riding with Papa Smurf into Big Bear. Pusher does 35 – 40 miles per day and hikes with a very fast pace. He went through the Sierras, leaving Kennedy Meadows in May 2nd. He developed tendinitis in both legs from walking in snow and had to take a 3 week break. Without that delay he would have been well into Washington right now.

From the beginning of the day my legs were sore though the trail was pretty easy.. it is strange how I might be sore one day and not the next. I did have periods during the day when the soreness went away, but it seemed to return more quickly than is usual for me.