Day 71 - Butterflies - Uphillhike
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Day 71 – Butterflies

At mile 1732. Hiked 14.3 miles today.

Jenny from the Ashland Hostel was kind enough to give me a ride back to the trail. She even stopped at a gas station so I could purchase new sunglasses. I’m on my 4th pair now.

I wasn’t on the trail until around 11 am. Carrying extra water and a 5 day heavy resupply, my pack was heavier than usual, but the trail was as easy as it gets for leaving a trail town. Usually, coming out of town means long climbs. 

I wasn’t on the trail long before I sat down to eat the remainder of my enormous Safeway Deli “American” sandwich. It was also part of my supper last night, but having eaten a lot, I only ate a tiny bit of the sandwich last night. This sandwich was equivalent to 2 Subway footlongs with double meat only it had more meat. I lathered on mayo. 

Here is Pilot Rock.




At the point where the trail left Old Hwy 99 and turned into the woods I ran into Swift. It took us a minute to figure out how we knew each other. We had met at the Mellow Hostel in South Lake Tahoe. Swift had just completed the Sierras in May with all of the hardships involved with an early traverse of the Sierras. Swift is 17 years old making him the youngest unaccompanied thru-hiker this year. On Instagram He calculated the percent of his short life has been spent on the PCT. With more than 90 days it was over 1.5 %.  At my age I wouldn’t want to calculate my percentage.