Day 70 - Bizarre - Uphillhike
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Day 70 – Bizarre

Day 70 – Bizarre 

At mile 1717.7. Hiked 17.5 miles today. Walked unknown number of off trail and town miles.

I hiked to Interstate-5 where I hitched a ride to Ashland. I was dropped off at Albertsons Grocery so thought I would shop for my resupply. At the entryway I dropped my pack into a large cart, pulled out my hiker trash and dropped the trash in a can just outside the glass door maybe 30 feet away. When I turned around my cart with backpack was gone. Gone in less than 30 seconds.Thinking little old lady with memory issues may be shopping with cart and backpack, I asked store personal to make a PA announcement. No luck. I kept watch on doors and registers thinking that the pack must be in the store. The manager reviewed the security camera recordings and identified the person who took the pack. No little old lady and the person was still in the store. They were concerned and did not want to approach this individual. Police were called. The policeman asked me to follow him as we approached a man who was shopping with a small cart. He wasn’t normal looking. The police asked the man whether he took my backpack and what he had done with it. The man said that, “He came after me, so I thought I would teach him a lesson. I put the pack in the cooler.” The police les me into a refrigeratated room where my backpack was sitting in my cart. I whispered to the policeman that the man must be crazy. Review the recording because I’ve never seen this man.


I don’t blame Ashland. It seems like a nice and safe town. Touristy. The Ashland Hostel was wonderful and an employee gave me a ride back to the trail. Despite all, it was a nice break. Reminder to myself … shave beard if it attracts kooks like this.

Here is meadow and tree view of Shasta. Looking at snowy north slopes.

Here is the rare White Flowered Bog Orchid. I met flower enthusiasts on the trail who were gathered around this tiny orchid. There were also numerous day hikers an eve more long distance runners training for the 20th annual SOB (Siskiyou Out and Back) race with distances up to 50 miles.