Day 69 - The Yearling - Uphillhike
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Day 69 – The Yearling

At mile 1700.2. Hiked 24 miles today. Rating: Don’t Miss.

Looking up the trail I saw something that looked like a huge long legged jack rabbit hopping down the trail. A doe nosed this animal into a hiding place at the edge of the trail. Of course it was a tiny fawn. It would not move. I could have stroked it, but left it unmolested. I thought, newborn and Bambi. Later upon examining the enlarged photo, I noticed an injury to the leg. Now I think about “The Yearling” a novel by Margorie Rawlings Kinning where a boy adopts an injured fawn.

Today I hiked through green. A huge contrast to the burns and ashes of yesterday. The trail passed through green meadows and cool shaded areas of trees.

It seems like there is a view of Shasta every day. Moving toward a view of the north slope of Shasta.

Wide open space and Shasta a tiny white spot in the background. This is an effect of the photo. The mountain actually appears more prominently to the eye.

This is Donamore Meadow.

Here is Donamore cabin. Original owners are working to restore this historic cabin. I had lunch inside the cabin. Enjoyed eating while sitting in a comfortable chair with TV tray. No TV.

I’m finally in Oregon! My first time in this state. This is the only state that I entered the first time by walking into it. All other states I was either born into, or first entered via automobile or plane.

More reasons that I rate today’s hike as “Don’t Miss”.

The trail with these beautiful grasse with tall stalks.

Cowboy camping at mile 1700! Turned out to be a mistake. No mosquitoes, but heavy dew that soaked everything including outside of sleeping bag and hiking shorts. Instead of a quick start in the morning, I had a slow start with a chilly and moist awakening.

View from my campsite.


Saw only 2 people today, they were both ultra long distance runners on a run.