Day 68 - Ashes - Uphillhike
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Day 68 – Ashes

At mile 1676.2. Covered 20.3 miles today. Trail rating – Skip

After breakfast at the Cafe, I had a late start sometime after 9 am.

Here is someone who took on the Seiad Cafe Pancake  challenge.

Today I took an alternate route from Seiad Valley using Road 48N20 to join the PCT at Cook and Green Pass. This was recommended by several people over the past week. I was told that the bypassed portion of the PCT is in burn area, exposed to sun, and had not been maintained allowing poison oak to crowd the trail and leaving deadfall to climb over. The alternate route follows an unpaved forest service road along a creek with plenty of water and shade. (Not all shade; there were some hot areas.)

The burn areas continued even after joining the PCT. Finally, as I moved near my campsite, I passed out of burn and into green trees and meadows.

Everything is finally green again.

Here is where I camped.