Day 67 - PCT Trail Crew - Uphillhike
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Day 67 – PCT Trail Crew

At mile 1655.9. Hiked 21.4 miles today.

The day started with another soft sunrise. I was on the trail by 5:50 AM.

Some of the trail is overgrown with raspberry plants. 

I reached Grider creek and crossed the creek rock hopping, then later via bridge. The trail followed this Gridee creek for miles with several bridge crossings.

I was surprised to find nice smelling wild gardenias.

Here are some wild orchids.

I meet a PCT trail maintenance team. They have a camp at Grider Creek Campground. This crew of volunteers will work on washes out trail. Leading the crew is a woman (far right) from the PCTA.

One of the crew members worked at Mission Creek in SoCal where the crew fixed a spot in a marshy area where everyone was losing their way. I remember the spot well. It wasn’t fixed when I came through so I lost my way. Bushwhacking and using GPS I found the trail again. It was funny to talk to the people that fixed this spot on Miaaion Creek 1400 trail miles south of here.

The last 6.5 miles are a road walk. It was hot! Bruce at the Seiad Valley RV Park told me that it was probably 115 degrees F on the road today.