Day 66 - Marble Mountain - Uphillhike
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Day 66 – Marble Mountain

At mile 1634.5. Hiked 20.7 miles today.

Here is a close up view showing the layers of marble found in Marble Mountain Wilderness.

Wildflowers, Marble, and Trail.

I flushed out a grouse. I heard one of the chicks peep, then silence. The hen moved in clear sight while drwing. attention to itself. And away from any hidden chicks. This is a pattern that I have seen before and will see again later this day. I think this is how grouse outwit bobcats and the like. Mother hen distracts to save the chicks. Mother hen can fly and move quickly to evade a bobcat, but acts like an easy and very noticeable prey. Meanwhile, chicks go unmolested.

Grouse on marble.

Butterflies collect along moist areas of trail and rise as I pass. The PCT seems like a Disney movie where butterflies and birds follow along as the main character strolls through nature.

There were areas where snow covered the trail.

Some marble has deep fissures that could be foot or leg traps. Those shown  below were 6 – 8 feet deep, but only wide enough to accept a wayward leg.

Here are more views of snow and landscape.

After hiking through these beautiful areas it is time for lunch.

This is my Two-Fish Tortilla. Recipe: Wrap tuna fish and goldfish in a tortilla. Goldfish won’t be at the seafood counter. You can find them in the snacks aisle.

Later, a light colored bear hurtled across a large open area like shot out of a cannon. He crossed the trail about 50 feet in front of me.