Day 59 - Mt Shasta - Uphillhike
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Day 59 – Mt Shasta

At mile 1503.2. Hiked 4.9 miles today.

I crossed the Sacramento River shortly before reaching Interstate-5 where I hitched a ride to Mt Shasta.  The river just springs from the rocks not far upstream. Rivers here have a tendency of springing from rocks.

Here is a trail register I signed with my Uphillhikes logo.

I walked all over town shopping for resupply and feeding myself. I tried for a barber, but as I learned Bret the town barber had flexible hours. In other words if he wanted to fish or go snowboarding, he would lock up the shop. So I still wander the Northern California wilderness with shaggy hair and beard.

I ran into Ridge Route and Shortcut at Rite-Aid. They offered me the use of the shower in their room at the Shasta Inn. After we were all cleaned up, Ridge Route, Shortcut, and I  met trail angel, Tony and his wife Michelle at Tony’s favorite local bar, Handsome John’s Speakeasy. We sat outside enjoying several beers while telling stories. Tony, recently retired from California Highway Patrol told a story about how as a trail angel he picked up some hikers in his patrol car. The hikers had been smoking weed as they were waiting on Tony to arrive. When they saw Tony with his patrol car were nearly panicked about getting busted. Tony told them, “You can calm down. It’s legal here, I’m not going to arrest you”.

Here is inside of  Handsome John’s Speakeasy. We sat outside. Tony also told me that John wasn’t handsome.

I loved the daily happy hour with $3 draft that included IPA’s. 

Next, Michelle dropped the three of us off at Big Bear Restaurant. I had the fried chicken dinner and actually received a double order because someone had dropped a drumstick on the floor. Guess they didn’t realize that a thru-hiker would have eaten it right off the floor. This thru-hiker destroyed the double order of chicken on his plate. 

After dinner, Tony was right there to take me back to the trail. Thanks Tony! You are making Mt Shasta a great stop for hikers.

I hiked a couple of miles and hurriedly pitched my tent in a cloud of mosquitoes.