Day 54 - NoCal Trail Magic - Uphillhike
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Day 54 – NoCal Trail Magic

At mile 1412.4. Hiked 18.8 miles today. 

 I’ve struck trail magic in Northern California! Yesterday, I had an anonymous cooler full of cold sodas and snacks on the Hat Rim. Today, Tracy and John were waiting at a road crossing  for some lucky PCT hiker to come along. I was the lucky one. I had a Sprite and one of Tracy’s homemade brownies. And we were talking it turned out that Tracy had already accessed my blog via a link from

It was a hot day, but at least yesterday there was some breeze, there was very little movement of the air today. A person at Burney ranch told me it was above 90 degrees and that it rarely got that hot at the ranch.

Trail Angel John told me that people hang glide off this.

Another hang gliding opp.


Walked through many fields. In some areas more grown up with trees there were very skittish cattle running around.

The first photo is my favorite flower. They are the same, but come in blue, white, and a rare purple. Wish I knew what these are called.

I ate lunch under the bridge where Hat Creek was gushing out of the PG&E power station. A man and his mom from Santa Rosa, Ca next to me were fishing. Here are the Rainbows that the man caught. 

Baum Lake is fed by Hat Creek just below the PG&E Power Station. I was so hot  I wanted to jump in, but I didn’t.

Arnaud Burney Ranch, I did my wash with a real washing machine fir once. Here are all my clothes with exception of down jacket and vest.

While clothes were drying I was taking a dip in the pool. I also had a fantastic dinner at the ranch. It was make your own burrito and salad. I had 2 gigantic tortillas each piled high with the works. After this, I had one of each of the desserts. Later, just before I hiked out, I was told that I was supposed to get the complimentary homemade ice cream for PCT hikers. I I’ve Burney Ranch 5 stars!

Eagle nest. I could hear baby eagles squawking like crazy. Earlier I saw an eagle flying around where there were several nests on large electric utility transmission  towers.

People: I met Soda at Burney Ranch. He had gone through the Sierras in May and to hear him, it sounds miserable.