Day 53 - The PCT Breakfast - Uphillhike
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Day 53 – The PCT Breakfast

At mile 1393.6 Hiked 23.9 miles today.

I  hiked an early 7 miles to the Chevron Statiion in Old Staion where I managed a  limited resupply to get me to  Dunesmeir. I bought 50 precooked breakfast sausages. Maybe I should start the sausage challenge. Live off sausages  for 5 days of hiking. I l’ai bought stovetop stuffing and plan to use sausage with stuffing. I am inventing a new breakfast called the PCT. Porridge with Cooked Turkey sausage.

The desert came to Northern California today at Hot Creek Rim. …oops… Hat Creek Rim. Everything is relative and I have nothing to complain about. My early season desert walks in SoCal weren’t typically hot and Hat Creek Rim will be hotter for hikers that arrive later in the season.

Hat Creek Rim had to be one of the most beautiful sections of the PCT that I have experienced. One walks on a high table of lava rocks and wild flowers overlooking broad expanses of green valleys a thousand or more feet below. The trail often tracks along the edge of the table with rocky precipitous drop offs to the valley below. Wind sweeps across this open highland sweeping grasses in waves. There are a variety of wildflowers dispersed among black lava rocks in sprigs, bunches, and bouquets of every color. Volcanic mountain ranges stretch across to far side of the broad valley with the east end anchored by snow blanketed Lassen and the west anchored by Mt Shasta. Only the towering Mt Shasta disturbs the blue sky with tiny wisps of clouds forming just below the peak. As the afternoon advances these cloud wisps join and extend in a string stretching beyond Shasta.

Today I had the first trail magic of Northern California. It was a cooler full of cold drinks and snacks and oranges hanging in a tree. Thank you anonymous trail magician! Great spot to find trail magic. Hat Creek Rim is where you reallly appreciate it.


Here is Mt Shasta from Hat Creek Rim. Notice a cloud beginning to form.This is only happening to Shasta. Lassen and others didnt generate their own clouds. It’s own wether system  helps keep snow on Shasta.

Here is where I could have resupplied water but didn’t. There is a stream at the bottom of this gorge. A steep trail descends 450 vertical feet rob the stream. The PCT goes around this lava rock gorge.

Often the trail follows the edge.

Here are a few examples of flowers on the Rim.