Day 43 - From Snow to Heat - Uphillhike
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Day 43 – From Snow to Heat

Day 43 – From snow to heat

At mile 1195.4. Hiked 23.1 PCT miles today plus walking to and around town.

I didn’t see anyone today until I was a few miles from Sierra  City. There was some snow to navigate through, but I quickly moved out of snow and into heat. I’ve also had my first mosquitoes and mosquito bites and used mosquito repellent for the first time, but still the mosquitoes haven’t gotten bad, yet. I’m prepared with tent replacing tarp and head net. 

I hitched most of the way into town As I was getting out of the car, I felt for my sunglasses. They had fallen off, but when I turned to check, the car was already zooming off. Next time I am going to take my time getting out of the car so that I know I have everything. This is a pretty big problem since this small town has no place to buy sunglasses.

Tonight I am camping at the Methodist Church in Sierra City. They have cold showers In the morning I pick up my resupply box and new tent at the post office. Two other hikers are camping here. One, named Peer Pressure is hiking with Wounded Warriors and came straight through the Sierras. Pretty amazing to have a hiker this far along in June 3rd. Peer Pressure and I are the same age. He started his hike on March 1st. 

A man came by and warned us of a large agressive bear that has been coming down the street. The other hiker, Evan, who has been staying here about 5 days said that a  bear came into the church camping area, but the hikers drive it away with their headlamps. I put my little remaining food into the bathroom. As I was writing this, the Sheriff dropped a homeless lady off at the PCT hiking area. She was trying to borrow a blanket from the hikers. I was already in my tent and didn’t fully know what was going on. It isn’t good that the Sheriff drops off homeless people with with absolutely nothing. 

Here is. a view of Sierra Buttes which I will begin climbing tomorrow. 

Here is the trail 

Here is the trail 

Here is the river and foot bridge