Day 35 - Boy Scouts serving others - Uphillhike
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Day 35 – Boy Scouts serving others

Flipped to Walker Pass and hiking south toward Hikertown. Hiked 8.2
PCT miles. At mile 558.2.

I stayed in the Santa Fe motel last night. Hot shower and room to organize my resupply. A plus is that it is across the street from Kohnen’s Country Bakery, a popular hiker spot for delicious pastries and coffee. I had a roll with eggs and sausage cooked inside and an almond danish.

Witt’s End is a place where Dalton, who happens to be from my hometown, Atlanta, runs a place for hikers to hangout, rest, and find rides and services. Here is the PCT 2018 banner that I signed.

Here is my signature with the original version of my blog logo. 

Dalton located trail angels, Melissa and Old Spice to drive me back to the trail. Both had become new people, Melissa when she recovered use of her hands follows stroke, Old Spice when he became Old Spice and left Fox News addict, Jim, behind. Melissa gave me these 2 peace sign pennies that she made with her new hands. Thank you for the ride and the great story of inspiration. Anyone can change, Never believe it isn’t possible.

Here is the bridge over Hwy 58 that the PCT crosses. The view is toward Tehachapi.

Here Is where the PCT crosses the double railroad track. The 2nd set of rails were built at great trouble because this was the route from California Central Valley to Las Vegas and points East. Many. Men lost their lives working on the 13 tunnels needed to get the tracks laid over Tehachapi pass. Maybe the Netflix series, Hell On Wheels, makes railroad building seem a little too easy. 😉

Here is the view of the zig-zag uphill ascent, looking down from above. There is nearly always a climb after every town and why not? After all, “Everything is Better Uphill”.

Here is a bench at the top of the hill. This was part of an Eagle Scout project. Time and again I see the contributions and involvement of Scouting with the PCT.

Wind mills. There were hundreda upon hundreds in all directions. There was a lot of wind also. Everyone has had enough of the wind. This is the last photo of a windmill I will post unless a windmill gets in the way of a bear photo.

Skies and mountains.

A painted rock left on the aise of the trail wishes hikers well.

My campsite is in a ravine, the one spot out of the wind.