Day 32 - No Pain - Uphillhike
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Day 32 – No Pain

Flipped to Walker Pass and hiking south toward Hikertown. Hiked 23.9
PCT miles. At mile 604.4.

Today I felt much better. I had an early start shortly before sunrise. I took a couple of Ibuprofen with the idea it could help prevent left shoulder pain. I was also made comfortable with the thought that thanks to my stomach my pack weight was decreasing. I took care to do a series of shoulder stretches as I hiked and believe it or not, this was the first day in weeks that I was free of shoulder pain.

Here is a mountain that appears to have stains of yellow. Those are actually thousands of yellow flowers.


Here is a snake.

Here is another snake.

Here is a rattlesnake. That makes 3 snakes today, 4 Rattlesnakes so far, and 12 snakes in all on this hike. I thought I had good video of the rattler, but I was not recording, AGAIN! The second time I messed up trying to video a rattlesnake.

Here is a photo from the top of a long climb. I felt like I had to show I did it. After all, it was so much work. Overall, the trail was easy and I had a great deal of level and descent.

Hiking south, I should eventually see people I know that are headed north. Not yet, though, I am seeing a lot of people heading north for their reckoning with an early entry in the snowy cold Sierras. A few of these people will be there before the end of April. The last couple of days have turned cooler. How cold would that be in the Sierras at over 10,000 feet.

Here are some trees I love They turn and twist and branch out. I need to find out the name for these trees. If you know these trees, post a comment.

I had thought that the rest of the way to Hikertown wouldn’t involve large trees. I’m actually camping in trees tonight. Here is a photo of tall pines.

Here are flowers along the trail. I can’t express the variety and mixes of flowers. There are violet, white, blue, red, and multiple shades of yellow. There are tiny flowers that accent the arrangement of larger flowers and everything is set in a landscape of stones, boulders, and rock outcroppings. It is better experienced, than photographed.