Day 30 - Flip from Hikertown to Walker Pass - Uphillhike
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Day 30 – Flip from Hikertown to Walker Pass

Flipped to Walker Pass and hiking south toward Hikertown. Hiked 8.3 PCT miles. At mile 643.8.

I decided to flip, or skip forward and hike back. This means that starting today at mile 651.3 (Walker Pass), I will walk the next 133.5 miles in the south direction until mile 517.8 (Hikertown, Hwy 138).

The reason I’ve flipped is that I plan to fly back to Atlanta for a few weeks and with cousin Margaret’s help, it is more convenient and predictable to get to LAX airport from Hikertown, than Walker Pass. I’ll take the train from Metrolink station in Lancaster to Union Station in LA.

The bus (395 Eastern Sierra Transit) only runs once per day from Lancaster to Inoykern. I caught it at 2pm, then waited in Inoykern for several hours for the Kern Transit 227 which leaves at 7:05 pm. It was 7:45 pm by the time I was in the trail at Walker Pass. Since it quickly became dark, I only have one photo, other than the snapshots in my mind. I hiked until I arrived at Mcgiver cabin at 10:45pm.

Here I am enjoying the large turkey omelette at Crazy Ottos. I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t eat the whole thing.